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4.13 Face Off

Summary and Spoilers

We’re back in the parking garage, where Walt quickly removes the detonation device from Gus’s car. Walt asks Jesse for a place – any place – where Walt can get to Gus. While Jesse is thinking, he is approached by two detectives who want to talk to him about his statement regarding Brock being poisoned. Although not under arrest, he is not about to be let go either – but Jesse knows his rights, and calls Saul.

Saul, however, is long gone, as Walt finds out as well when he visits the office. Honey Tits proves she is a decent extortionist when she demands 25 thousand dollars to give Saul’s phone number to him. Walt leaves to get the money. He hatches a clever lie to get his neighbor to check for a burner left on when they went on fake vacation. This flushes two thugs out and gives Walt just enough time to sneak in and grab the cash required to purchase Saul’s phone number.

Meanwhile, Saul shows up to rescue Jesse from his endless friendly interrogation. He not only extricates Jesse, but he also has a Gus location – the nursing home where Gus visits Hector Salamanca. When Walt finds out that Gus and Hector are enemies, he sees an opening. He approaches Hector and offers him a chance for revenge. Hector tries to spell ‘Need DEA’, but the care-giver doesn’t realize that ‘DEA’ has meaning. Eventually she does figure it out. Hector asks to speak to only Hank, but when Hank arrives, all Hector does is spell out curses.

So what’s the point of all this? To pique Gus’s curiosity and make him visit Hector. It’s Tyrus who comes first to check Hector for bugs and to look around. Walt is lurking but remains undetected.

Jesse is released on the news that Brock was not poisoned with ricin. Immediately outside the station, he is Tasered and abducted by Gus’s men. Meanwhile, Tyrus lets Gus know that the area is safe. Gus is coming to ‘do this himself.’ Tyrus again clears the way, and Gus enters Hector’s room and confronts him. With a lethal injection at the ready, Gus tells Hector it is his last chance to look at him. Gus’s expression changes when Hector suddenly meets his gaze, his face twists into a smile, and he pounds over and over on his wheelchair bell. Now we find out why Hector’s finger was poised over his bell for all this time; it is the detonation device, and the explosion rips half of Gus’s face away and kills him. We discover Gus’s injury in an unusual reveal: he actually walks away from the explosion, and we can only see one side of his face, which is uninjured. The camera moves around to the other wide, which shows his face half-blown-off.

Jesse is back in the lab, cooking as usual. This is where his captors took him. It’s not exactly a great workplace relationship; when the elevator arrives, his new minder handcuffs Jesse to a pipe for safekeeping. It’s Walt in the elevator, and after he dispenses with the guards, he and Jesse trash the lab and rig it to blow up. There’s more good news when Jesse finds out that Brock is going to pull through. Apparently, he was poisoned with berries from a common plant called Lillies of the Valley.

Walt calls Skyler just as she is finding out about the death of Gus, and Walt boldly takes responsibility. More than that, the final scene shows a close-up of a potted plant in Walt’s garden: a Lilly of the Valley, of course.

Breaking Bad Quotes

"Christ, you two. Let’s just say if I ever get anal polyps, I’ll know what to name them."
- Saul to Jesse

"I know you despise me and I know how much you want to see me dead. But I'm willing to bet there's a man that you hate even more. I'm offering you an opportunity for revenge.
- Walt to Hector

Skyler: Walt? Let me get somewhere where I can hear you. Walt?
Walter: How are you doing?
Skyler: How am I doing? How are you doing?
Walter: I'm, uh...I'm doing quite well. I'm good.
Skyler: Jesus, Walt, the news here. Gus Fring is dead. He was blown up along with some person from some Mexican cartel and the DEA has no idea what to make of it. Do you know about this? Walt? I need you to-
Walter: It's over. We're safe.
Skyler: Was this you? What happened?
Walter: I won.


4.12 End Times

Summary and Spoilers

Skyler and baby are being taken in by Federal Agents under the umbrella of Hank’s protective custody, but Walt refuses to go. He feels he is the target and it will be safer for them if he simply deals with his punishment. And so Walt waits, twirling his gun. I’m a little confused because I thought Walt’s life was not in jeopardy. Hank, yes, but as long as Walt does not make any waves, I thought he was safe. Marie seems to feel differently, as does Walt Jr. Marie tries to call Walt, but he does not answer.

Hank has pieced together his death threat is tied to his investigation of Fring, and goads Gomez to follow it up by walking and talking at the laundry in lieu of a search warrant. Gomez convinces the laundry manager to allow him, one other cop, and a sniffer dog to look around. Jesse watches from downstairs on the security camera. Gus calls to point out that this situation was caused by Walt and that he needs to be eliminated. Jesse refuses to sign off on Walt’s death; Gus replies that there will be "…an appropriate response."

Saul has been messaging Jesse all day to come by and collect his money – as Saul is leaving town. Saul tells Jesse about Gus’s ultimatum to Walt – about the death threats against his family.

Skyler looks over Hank’s shoulder as he scans the clean images from the laundry – there’s nothing there that is suspicious. She tries to call Walt again but just gets the machine. She goes outside, bums a cigarette off one of the agents, and broods.

Jesse finds out that Andrea’s son Brock is very ill, then is shocked to discover that his tainted cigarette is missing. In a panic, he leaves the information about ricin with Andrea, and rushes to see Walt. Jesse is out of control. He has convinced himself that Walt poisoned Brock, and he is ready to kill Walt without proof. But Walt has pieced together a different theory – that Gus poisoned Brock as a way of getting Jesse to kill Walt. Against the odds, Walt convinces Jesse to spare his life, and then they agree to find a way to kill Gus together.

Jesse returns to the hospital and refuses to leave, even when Tyrus tries to bully him. Things are escalating now. I think we all know that Gus will not tolerate anything that will endanger his operation. Certainly, Walt and Jesse do – this is all part of their plan. While Jesse is causing trouble, Walt is working on some kind of electronic device.

Gus visits the hospital and demands that Jesse return, but Jesse holds form. When Gus learns that the boy was poisoned, he changes heart and tells Jesse to return to cooking next week.

As Walt watches from a nearby rooftop, Gus and bodyguards walk back to the car. Walt is ready to pull the trigger, but Gus suddenly stops short of the vehicle and carefully surveys the surrounding building. Lizard-like, he has somehow picked up on the threatening vibe. Suddenly, he reverses and heads back the way he came, leaving a dejected Walt to ponder his next move.

Breaking Bad Quotes

"I have lived under the threat of death for a year now, and because of that, I’ve made choices – listen to me. I alone should suffer the consequences of those choices – no one else. And those consequences – they’re coming. No more prolonging the inevitable."
- Walt to Skyler

Saul: Take a break, HT, let’s go.
HT: You’re gonna stop calling me that, or I’m gonna hang you by your tie.
Saul: Yeah, yeah, stop showing off for the client. Honey Tits! I say it’s endearing.


4.11 Crawl Space

Summary and Spoilers

With Gus poisoned and Mike shot, it’s up to Jesse to save their lives. He drives them to what must have been a preordained makeshift hospital. The doctors grab Gus and begin treating him immediately, but they ignore Mike, despite Jesse’s shouted pleas.

Back at the lab, Walt asks his observer to let the chain of command know that he will be driving Hank out to spy on the lab soon. Sure enough, soon he and Hank are on stakeout. Hank tries to get Walt to talk about his facial markings, but Walt says he doesn’t want to talk to Hank or anyone else.

Gus is up and about, so it is time to leave. Mike cannot travel and is left behind to heal. Once again, Gus asks Jesse if he is ready to cook by himself. But Jesse knows if he says yes, Walt will be killed.

Skyler meets with Ted. Skyler has told Ted about Walt’s gambling, and has asked Ted to help her out. Ted has decided to give the money back. He doesn’t seem to understand that if Ted does not pay, the tax department will track her down and discover her fund source. Skyler is dead serious and tries to intimidate Ted, but he does not go for it. She is on the verge of losing it.

Gus is back to visit Hector, but this time, he provokes the man to a new level by dangling Don Eladio’s medallion in his face, while explaining how all of the Don’s men are dead. He even presents Jesse as the man who killed the last living Salamanca. Still, Hector will not look at him.

Walt and Hank are back on the road, but Hank now wants to check out an industrial laundry (that just happens to be the place where Walt’s lab is located). Hank has not only pieced together the parent company that owns the laundry and manufactures an air filtration system that was purchased by Gale Boetticher. Rather than spy on the lab, Walt stages an impromptu car accident. Now Hank’s neck is in a brace, just to add to all his other problems. But Walt’s ploy is only a short stay of execution; Hank has ordered a car with hand controls, and he should have it in a week.

Skyler has hired a couple of Saul’s goons to (a) make Ted write a check, and then (b) stay with him until the check arrives at the IRS and it clears. Ted signs, then tries to make a getaway, but he trips on his own rug and slams his head into the breakfast nook.

Walt has discovered that Jesse cooked while Walt was out of commission. He visits Jesse to ask for his help, but Jesse turns him away violently. While Walt is still digesting that, two of Gus’s henchmen Taser him and bring him into the desert for a hooded meeting with Gus. Gus fires him and tells him to stay away from the laundry and from Jesse. Walt confronts Gus with the fact that he cannot be killed, or Jesse would no longer cook, but both know this is probably a temporary situation. Gus also warns Walt that he is going to deal with Hank, and if Walt interferes, Gus will kill his family.

Walt goes directly to Saul and gets the number of the guy who can disappear him and his family. This will cost half a million. Walt also asks Saul to anonymously tip-off the DEA that Hank is about to be assassinated. When Walt returns home to get the required funds, he finds there is not enough. Skyler explains it is because the money was given to Ted. This sends Walt into a panic attack / nervous breakdown. While Walt is laughing in agony, Marie is leaving a message about Hank being targeted by the cartel.


This is once again a top-shelf episode, with everything coming to a head.

Breaking Bad Quotes

Jesse (standing over Mike): This man needs help!
Doctor (working on Gus): This man pays my salary.

Gus: You did well down here. And you also proved a point. I think you can run the lab by yourself now. Don’t you?
Jesse: Let Mr. White go. Pay him off, or fire him, but don’t kill him.
Gus: You know that won’t work.
Jesse: Then you got a problem.

Gus: You are done! Fired! Do not show your face at the laundry again. Stay away from Pinkman. Do not go near him – ever. Are you listening to me?
Walt: Or else you’ll what?
Gus: What did you say?
Walt: Stay away from Pinkman, or else you’ll do – what? Kill me? If you could kill me, I’d already be dead. But you can’t. You can’t kill me. Because Jesse wouldn’t cook for you if you did. That’s it, isn’t it? No matter how hard you try to turn him against me, to screw with his head so he would hate my guts, and he still won’t let you do it.
Gus: For now. But he’ll come around. In the meantime, there’s the matter of your brother-in-law. He is a problem you promised to resolve. You have failed. Now it’s left to me to deal with him.
Walt: You can’t –
Gus: If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter.


4.10 Salud

Summary and Spoilers

Skyler has bought Walt Jr. a safer car and Walt Jr. is underwhelmed. He drives over to Walt’s place, where his dad is in pain and in bed, and is not answering any of Skyler’s calls. When he also does not answer any of Walt Jr.’s calls, and Junior threatens to call 911, Walt lets his son in and allows him to see his beaten face. This Walt attributes this to gambling, but midway through the lie, he loses it and sobs uncontrollably. Junior puts dad to bed, but not before Walt addresses him as ‘Jesse’. Walt later covers this up by blaming painkillers and alcohol. But although he covers this up, he reveals much about his relationship with his own father.

Saul meets with Ted to tell him that an unknown aunt passed away in Luxembourg and left him 600 thousand dollars and change. Of course, this money is being supplied by Skyler.

Mike, Gus, and Jesse are spirited away on a cartel plane, then blindfolded and driven to a Mexican meth lab. The blindfolds are removed, and it’s time for The Reluctant Chemist to show the cartel that he can cook. Jesse may not know how to make phentlacetic acid, but he knows how to take control of a situation.

The real Jesse is a tremendous success with his first cook, then finds out that he is expected to stay and continue running the cook operation in Mexico.

Skyler freaks when Saul tells her that Ted leased a fully loaded Mercedes just after receiving his windfall. She visits Ted and tries to pressure him into using the money to pay his taxes, but he has his own plans and his priorities. When he does not fold, she does the unthinkable – she tells him that she gave him the money, not his Great Aunt Birgette.

It’s time for Jesse to find out if he is coming home or staying on in Mexico to cook ‘forever’. First, there is a long ass-kissing session between Gus and Don Eladio. But Gus has gifted the gang poisoned liquor, and he kills them all – while conveniently throwing up enough of the poison to save his own life.

Memorable Moments

Well, that final scene is amazing – puts The Godfather to shame. Perhaps I am exaggerating a little – but it was great.

Breaking Bad Quotes

Cartel Chemist: Who do you think you are?
Jesse: I’m the guy your boss brought here to show you how it’s done. And if this is how you run your lab, no wonder! You’re lucky he hasn’t fired your ass! Now if you don’t want that to happen, I suggest you stop whining like a little bitch, and do what I say!

Walt: But the only thing I can remember is…him breathing. Ah, there’s  - this, this…this…rattling sound like if you shaking an empty spray paint can…you know…like there was nothing in him. Anyway – that is the only real memory that I have of my father. I don’t want you to think of me the way I was last night. I don’t want that to be the memory you have of me when I’m gone.
Walt Jr.: Remembering you that way…wouldn’t be so bad. The bad way to remember you would be the way – the way you’ve been this whole last year. At least last night, you were – you were real…you know?

Gus: Don Eladio is dead! His capos are dead! You have no one left to fight for! Fill your pockets and leave in peace. Or fight me and die!
Mike: I hope to hell that works!


4.09 Bug

Summary and Spoilers

The episode starts with an unseen person dripping blood onto their hush puppy shoes. This has happened sometime in the future – in the next scene, we flash back to see that those are Walt’s shoes, showing up to take Hank back to Pollos Hermanos. Walt retrieves the tracker while a new non-Mike spy looks on from a parked car. Hank is disappointed that the Tracker just shows Gus driving from home to the restaurant and back again.

When the same spy guy is parked outside Hank’s house, Walt drives up to him and calls the cops right in front of the guy. Much later, Mike warns Walt that the next time he does that, he will end up in a barrel.

Outside the lab, Walt bums a cigarette from Jesse and makes small talk until Jesse swears that he will do ‘it’.

Skyler calls Walt to tell him that she will soon be turning profits at the car wash, and to ask him again to start thinking of an exit strategy. Skyler spends part of her day dealing with real customers, and fills in her spare time by fabricating hundreds of receipts for non-existent ones. These receipts will be used to launder Walt’s cash. She is interrupted by Ted, who is being audited. Skyler is appalled that her name and signature are on all the documents and she fears that this will lead the IRS/CID to investigate her as well.

Hank has found the major distribution point for Pollos Hermanos legal and illegal inventory, and asks Walt to drive him there. Walt says he is sick and cannot go, but when Hank says he will get someone else to drive him, Walt says he really wants to be part of it and asks Hank to wait a day or two until he is feeling better. Hank is reluctant but agrees. Walt immediately phones Mike to tell him this news.

Hank’s discovery prompts Gus and Mike to task Jesse and others to cleanse and move the whole operation ‘elsewhere’. Their work is interrupted by an attack from a cartel sniper that kills one of Gus’s men. Jesse freezes in the headlights and is saved by Mike. Gus walks into the gunfire with arms outstretched, signaling that the fight is over. Soon after, Gus rings the cartel and says his answer has changed to ‘yes’. This means that he will surrender half of his business. He also entertains Jesse at home where, after cooking a home-made meal for him, asks if he can cook Walt’s formula. When Jesse replies in the affirmative, Gus asks Jesse to go to Mexico and teach the cartel chemists how to cook.

Mike and Jesse arrive at the lab with the sniper’s victim. He will be disposed of there. Walt complains and Mike quickly tells him to shut up.

Skyler bursts in on Ted’s audit, all cleavage-y and dumb blonde-y, and saves the day by acting like she was responsible for all the mistakes but that she thought she was doing the right thing. This simplifies the charge from criminal to mere negligence. Now all Ted has to do to avoid prison is to come up with about 700 thousand dollars. The simple solution is for Skyler to use some of Walt’s booty.

Jesse invites Walt over to tell him about Gus’s plan, and to ask for help. However, Walt has his own agenda. He has attached a tracker to Jesse’s car and has been tracking his movement – and he knows that he spent more than two hours at Gus’s house. Walt confronts Jesse about why he has not killed Gus. Jesse counters that Walt has been spying on him. An all-out brutal fight ensues, with both men getting smashed but with Walt definitely the loser. When it finishes, Jesse tells Walt to leave and never return.

Breaking Bad Quotes

Hank: What’s the play here, buddy? How do I get this guy?
Walt: Yeah…how.

Jesse: Look, I said…I’d do it. I’ll do it.
Walt: Yeah, well…what does it matter? We’re both dead men anyway.

Skyler: All of this is to say, maybe you could start thinking about an exit strategy.
Walt: I’m working on it.

"I can’t have this in my life – I cannot be audited."
- Skyler to Ted

 "Next time don’t stand there like an idiot – move your feet – run and so forth."
- Mike to Jesse after saving his life

Gus: I have invited you into my home - prepared food, so we could sit and talk - discuss what’s going on in this business - our business – like men. And I will explain everything that’s happening. I will answer your questions. But first…I need you to answer one question for me: can you cook Walter’s formula?
Jesse: What?
Gus: Walter’s formula. Can you produce his product – without any help, alone?
Jesse: No….Why? You’re asking me if I can cook Mr. White’s crystal? Without him? Me? The junkie loser you were about to waste and dump in the desert a month ago? This your plan, huh? Invite me in your house – make whatever this is? Be my buddy and…and make me feel important? Then get me to keep cooking for you, after you kill Mr. White. You wanna – you wanna talk like men? Let’s talk like men! You kill Mr. White – you’re gonna have to kill me too!
Gus: That…is not what I asked you. You are here because circumstances with the cartel are untenable. And I need your help. I need you to help prevent an all-out war. Now…if you would…answer the question.

"I mean, I’m supposed to go to Mexico and, and teach a bunch of cartel chemists how to cook a batch of blue!"
- Jesse to Walt

Jesse: Can you walk?
Walt: Yeah.
Jesse: Then get the fuck outta here and never come back!


4.08 Hermanos

Summary and Spoilers

Gus visits the wheelchair-bound, mute Hector in a nursing home to fill him in on why his nephews are dead – blood for blood.

Walt is having his scheduled scan. A young man undergoing the same test tries to have a friendly discussion, but Walt refuses to play the victim role with him. You can see now how Walt has staved off cancer – he refuses to give in and give up control. Later, he shares his happy scan results with his family and with Hank and Marie.

Gus is called in for questioning by Hank and gang. He is so cool and completely fools everyone but Hank – who believes he has found his man, and, after Gus leaves, wonders aloud why the suspect didn’t come forward sooner to tell them that he had seen Gale just before he died.

Saul drops off a big envelope of money to Jesse’s ‘girlfriend’ while Jesse waits in the car.

Skyler has combined cash bills with old clothes in vacuum-packed bags – lots of vacuum-packed bags.

Hank asks Walt to drive him to a ‘rock’ exhibit, but it is false pretenses – he needs Walt to stick a tracking device on Gus’s car. Walt doesn’t do it on the way in, but instead tells Gus that he did not place the device. Meanwhile, Mike sits in the car, watching the whole thing. Gus tells him quietly to plant the device. Later, Gus removes it and dumps it in a bin.

Back at the lab, Walt’s soliloquy to the video camera in the lab states that Hank is working alone, and he begs to Hank to be spared.

Gus and Mike are concerned about Hank being around when the Chilean drug war starts.

Walt visits Jesse to try to pressure him into killing Gus. Jesse staves him off. While Jesse is in the toilet, his phone registers a text. Walt reads that Jesse’s scheduled meeting with the boss has been cancelled.

We flashback to a young Gus and his meth-making partner. Hector is there, too – he is the flashy henchman who kills Gus’s partner just to make a point. You can see why Gus hates Hector.

Breaking Bad Quotes

Gary: It's like what they say: man plans and God laughs.
Walter: That is such bullshit.
Gary: Excuse me?
Walter: Never give up control. Live life on your own terms.
Gary: Yeah, no, I get what you're saying, but, uh, cancer is cancer.
Walter: To hell with your cancer. I've been living with cancer for the better part of a year. Right from the start, it's a death sentence. That's what they keep telling me. Well, guess what? Every life comes with a death sentence, so every few months I come in here for my regular scan, knowing full well that one of these times - hell, maybe even today - I'm gonna hear some bad news. But until then, who's in charge? Me. That's how I live my life.

"I can give you the highlights. Your nephews grew impatient. They continued to press me for my permission to kill Walter White. When I wouldn't give it, they settled instead for DEA agent Schraeder. But a phone call was placed to Agent Schraeder moments before the attack, thus giving him the upper hand. Marco, shot in the face and died instantly. Leonel lingered for several hours. The warning call to the DEA agent, Juan Bolsa may have some insight into who placed it, for yesterday the federales raided his hacienda, and in the confusion, Juan was shot dead. An accident, perhaps. A mistake made by his own men. But we may never know. At any rate, I thought you should hear it from me. [Gus pats a furious Hector on the leg and stands up to leave] This is what comes of blood for blood, Hector. Sangre por sangre."
- Gus

"Look at me, Hector. Look…at…me! [pause] Maybe next time."
- Gus


4.07 Problem Dog

Summary and Spoilers

Jesse’s shoot-to-kill video game brings back memories of his cold-blooded murder of Gale. This is probably a first step out of the loop in which he is stuck; he is aided by the newfound support he has gained from Mike and Gus. While Walt sometimes protects him (and critiques him) like a father, Gus seems to actually respect him and see his value.

Skyler asks Walt to bring Junior’s car back to the dealership for a partial refund. Instead, Walt does a few donuts and accidentally crashes it. He then simply torches it, calls a cab, and lets Saul handle the 50 thousand dollar cleanup chore. No matter – he withdraws another 272 thousand dollars from the safe, which is what he makes every two weeks. Skyler now has to figure out how to launder – or just store - 272 thousand dollars in a business that normally makes about that per year.

While at Saul’s office, Walt asks Saul for the name of a hit man, but Saul is unable to help. Instead, Walt goes to Jesse’s place, to enlist Jesse in the task of killing Gus. Jesse doesn’t seem to need too much prodding to go along with the plan.

Walt prepares a batch of ricin, the same powerful and undetectable poison that Walt and Jesse used to kill Tuco. Jesse hides the tiny vial in one of his cigarettes.

Hank and Junior have lunch at Los Pollos Hermanos. Always the gracious host, Gus himself emerges to praise DEA agent Hank for his fine work. Hank asks for a Diet Coke refill, and Gus fetches it himself. Later, Hank pockets the cup for fingerprints.

It is time for the big meeting of Gus’s mob and the drug cartel that has been ambushing Gus’s trucks. Gus offers 50 million as a one-time payoff. The cartel rep offers a yes (allow yourself to be fully taken over) or no choice only. The meeting ends quickly, and war is about to break out. Jesse is there; he is even given a gun, and he briefly considers either dumping the ricin in the coffee, or shooting Gus, but instead he stays cool. Later, as he and Mike drive back, Mike praises Jesse’s loyalty but says that maybe it is directed at the wrong guy. This kind of talk seems to be swaying Jesse; later, when Walt asks Jesse if he has had a chance to kill Gus, Jesse lies that he hasn’t seen him.

Jesse is back in rehab, but he is really there to confess to his sins. He admits that he returned the first time only to find possible meth customers. And he partially admits to killing Gale, but he substitutes ‘dog’, referring to Gale as a ‘problem dog’. This elicits perhaps a more emotional response from the other group members, because they believe he killed an animal and not a person.

Finally, Hank meets with Gomez to lay out his theory about Gale and Gus. Hank now suspects that Gus could be Heisenberg – the guy who is running a huge meth operation. They think he is drawing a long bow until he pulls out his ace in the hole – fingerprint proof that Gus has been in Gale’s apartment.


This is a deliberately paced, intensely powerful episode, as virtually every character has to come face to face with a seemingly insurmountable dilemma. Skyler has to figure out how to launder 7.5 million dollars a year. Jesse is trying to overcome the specter of himself as murderer. Gus is faced with a drug cartel that will settle for nothing less than total domination. And Jesse has to decide exactly where his loyalties lie. He is already slipping across to Gus’s camp; you’ll notice a rare lie to Walt about not having had the opportunity to kill Gus. And with the way Walt has treated Jesse, it’s easy to think that he would be making the right choice if he changed sides.

Breaking Bad Quotes

"No, I’m sure he’ll see me."
- Walt to cab dispatcher, as car burns in background

"I’m sorry, did I wake you? I – I caught this thing before it got into the system. That means your record stays clean; the wife never finds out. I’ve been working magic here! I could at least get an ‘attaboy’."
- Saul

Walt: Did he speak to you?
Jesse: it – it was over in ten seconds.
Walt: Would you just answer!
Jesse: He said he sees things in people.
Walt: What things? What people?

Jesse: Drop the sales pitch! I’ll do it!
Walt: You’ll do what?
Jesse: I’ll kill him – first chance I get!

Mike: Alright, what’s the order of the day?
Jesse: Eyes open; mouth shut.

Cartel rep: Is it to be yes…or no?
Gus: A hard way to begin a negotiation.
Cartel rep: This is not a negotiation.

Jesse: He said he sees something in me. Like what?
Mike: If I had to put it in a word, I’d guess…loyalty.
Jesse: Loyalty.
Mike: Although maybe you’ve got it for the wrong guy.

Woman at rehab: He was suffering? It was a kindness.
Jesse: No, he wasn’t sick…he was just like a – I don’t know, like a…problem dog.

"You know I – I couldn’t agree more, guys. Gustavo Fring – blue meth – you know – whole thing is…off the map nuts. I had to be wearing a tin foil hat, you know? Except…I can’t seem to wrap my mind around this one little thing, and that is – what are Gustavo Fring’s fingerprints doing in Gale Boetticher’s apartment?"
- Hank