Saturday, November 12, 2011

4.02 Thirty Eight Snub

Summary and Spoilers

Walt shops for the perfect concealable gun, and practices his stilted quick draw, in preparation for shooting Gus before Gus shoots him. Before long, Walt has increased his speed, practicing specifically from a sitting position. He even sets up an empty Gus chair across from him.

Mike is still perhaps the most effected by Gus’s coldblooded slaying of Victor. The appearance of a small dried blood stain on his sleeve almost causes him to lose it in a diner.

Jesse has purchased the type of high-woofer sound system that would make me (as his neighbor) want to move somewhere else. He shows it off to Badger and Skinny Pete. It doesn’t take much urging from Jesse to get both of these guys off their 12 step program and back into having a ‘little’ bump – and soon they are arguing about which shoot-em-up video game is the best.

Jesse is looking paranoid and unwell, but rather than visiting a doctor, he decides a massive party is what he needs – noise, and lots of it. Now I’m really moving away from this guy.

Hank is sort of numb and depressed at the same time. He spends his late nights examining his mineral collection while Marie tries to sleep. Hank is trying to push Marie away, but she’s not that easy to push. I think he’s fighting a losing battle here.

Its next morning at Jesse’s party – and everyone looks wiped out on the floor, ready to be vacuumed up by the auto-vac. But Jesse has other ideas. He tasks Badger and Skinny Pete with restocking the booze, and tells the sleepy people to start partying again. Then he head off to work at the lab.

Walt is edgy, packing and fondling his gun, especially when Victor’s replacement shows up. Walt asks Mike for a meeting with Gus to clear the air, but Mike just laughs quietly and says that Walt will never see Gus again.

Hank has again made great strides in his rehabilitation. He responds with enthusiasm to his personal therapist, but as soon as the man leaves, he grows somber and shuts Marie out.

Jesse is confronted by Andrea, who has come to find out why a huge wad of cash was played in her mailbox, and who left it. Jesse doesn’t say anything, proving he did it. He also promises that it is hers to keep.

Walt has really changed, as has Breaking Bad. He has gone from being a guy in survival mode to a cold-blooded killer. Yes, you could say that he is defending himself, but he is pro-active now. When Gus will not see him, he shows up at Gus’s door – or at least he intends to, until he is interrupted by a cell phone call from Gus, who intercepts him before he finishes crossing the street and tells him to go home.

Marie takes delivery of numerous boxes of rocks – I mean, minerals – delivered to Hank. Marie is almost jealous of these lumps. They invoke so much more passion in Hank than she does. Protective of them in the way that men can be protective of their lady, Hank begs Marie to check the boxes carefully for damage.

Skyler makes a considered, generous offer of 879 thousand dollars for the car wash, but the heavily eyebrowed owner, still smarting from the way Walter quit, says he will only sell it for 20 million.

Mike just hangs out in the bar, drinking and watching tacky Saul Goodman TV ads and waiting for the pain to go away. Walt visits, specifically to try to convince Mike that his life is also hanging by a thread, and to get Mike to arrange a Gus/Walt private meeting so Walt can "…do the rest." Mike listens patiently and then punches Walt to the floor, kicking him a couple of times to finish his reply.

After three days, the partiers are leaving, and Jesse is looking very scared to see them go. Alone, Jesse turns up the stereo and tries not to lose his mind.


Fantastic episode from start to finish. It took one episode to immerse myself in these characters, but it’s all coming back now.

Memorable Moments

  • Automated vacuum-cam, cleaning up after the party
  • Overhead night shot, with elongated shadows, of Walter outside Gus’s house

Breaking Bad Quotes

"It’s for defence…defence. I’ll take it."
- Walt, rationalizing his purchase of a snub-nosed revolver

"Get me in a room with him. Mike – just get me in a room, and I’ll do the rest."
- Walt


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